Don’t just look at your business in terms of facts and figures

Business success can be measured in many different ways. Unfortunately, a lot of people think only in terms of profit and loss, without taking into account the many other considerations that go towards making  a business successful.

I often meet with clients  whose  businesses are struggling financially, and I feel that this affects  their enthusiasm and stops them from thriving.  They feel like failures because their bank account isn’t full. This begins a cycle where their survival is threatened  because they have adopted  a defeatist  attitude. The fact that they produce a great product,  have excellent relationships with their staff, put a lot back into the community, and manage to balance running  a business with looking after their families  indicates  success. However, this more balanced view of success is swamped  by the feeling of failure associated with struggling to make ends meet.

I go to great pains to point out the areas where  they  are succeeding and that, given time, the financial results will follow. I would  encourage anyone in business to write down the areas where their  business is successful. This  is very rewarding and it adds perspective, often  when it’s needed the most. If you are  running your own business,  you are  already  successful because you have  taken  a risk that many others would shy away from.

Ask yourself the following  questions:

•    Are you proud of what you do, and do you truly believe that you give  100 per cent towards  being  the best  you can be?
•    Have you established strong relationships with customers, staff, suppliers and other  people that you deal with on a regular basis?
•    Have you managed to balance work and home?
•    Do you live a healthy lifestyle?
•    Do you give  praise  and show  sincere  appreciation  where it’s due?
•    Do you love what you do?

We all get caught up in the daily grind of profit and loss and often overlook those areas where  we have so much  to be proud about.  Boosting  your  business is as much  in your  head as it is in your cash register.

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